Nitsa Weld

Field Trips, Lectures, and Activities

SIHS '98, Córdoba

Innaugural and closing ceremonies, a lecture and Spanish cinema series and several other related presentations are included, integrated into the course work of the SIHS curriculum, comprised of talks by distinguished professors and specialists from Spain and the U.S. Their names and credentials are published by separate announcement.

Recent lecturers have included Royal Academy of Spanish Language member Emilio Alarcos LLorach, San Isidoro de León Abbot Antonio Viñayo González, León University professor Bonifacio Rodríguez Díez, Diputación de León musicologist Luis González Viñuela, the reknowned Spanish writer José María Merino, Harvard University professor Luis Fernández Cifuentes, Professor Antonio Giménez Cruz of Williams College, Professor Patrick M. Dust of Carleton College, Prof. H. Laurent Boetsch of Washington and Lee University, Prof. Noël Valis of Yale University, Prof. Susan L. Fischer of Bucknell University, Prof. Daniel M. Murphy of Hollins University, Prof. Michael P. Predmore of Stanford University, Prof. Isabel Alvarez Borland and Daniel Frost of the College of the Holy Cross, Prof. Thomas Harrington of Trinity College, Prof. Margarita Pillado-Miller of Grinnell College, Prof. and Director Santiago Tejerina Canal of Hamilton College, and Profs. Margarita Navarro, Angel Loureiro, Celia Pérez-Ventura and Karl Uitti of Princeton University.

Also integrated into the course work is a rich series of field trips and visits to different parts of Spain, in order to give students a more complete view of the country's cultural, artistic and social diversity. As mentioned above, SIHS ' will make weekend trips to such places as Oviedo and the Cantabrian mountains and villages, Santiago de Compostela, and sites throughout the León region. The "practice" for the Intercultural Way course will follow the usual schedule for those enrolled, but the rest of the students will have the chance to walk two shortened stretches with the pilgrims, to join the main Saint James celebration. Spain's North will meet the South through weekly sevillana dance classes open to any one interested. Also provided are culturally related entertainment activities, as well as gym, aerobics or salsa, and "charlas" with Spanish University students, designed to insure the integration of the Program members into Spanish student circles and to foster and maintain the kind of group spirit for which the SIHS program is known. To allow for a more complete appreciation of Spanish culture, the SIHS has an extended Orientation from Málaga, Nerja, Toledo, Madrid, Segovia, Ávila and Salamanca to León, including Granada, Córdoba and Sevilla, the cost of which is included within the regular Program fees.