Nitsa Weld

Directors and Advisory Board

The Directors of the SIHS

General Director of SIHS: Santiago Tejerina-Canal, Professor Emeritus Hamilton College and Founding Director Stanford University in Madrid, 2007-2015. B.A., M.A., Universidad de Barcelona; M.A. and Ph.D. University of Massachusetts-Amherst.

Director of SIHS Spain Operation: María del Carmen Moro Luis, Professor of the Centro de Idiomas of the University of León.

Coordinator of SIHS, Clinton, NY Operations: Nitsa Weld, Program Coordinator of the Associated Colleges in China Program at Hamilton College; B.A. Lynchburg College.

Coordinator of the SIHS, León Operations: Bonnie K. Canori, former HCAYS Coordinator

Advisory Board

Prof. Diego Alonso, Reed College
Prof. Isabel Alvarez-Borland, College of the Holy Cross
Prof. María Estela Harretche, Smith College
Prof. Gene H. Bell-Villada, Williams College
Prof. H. Laurent Boetsch, Washington & Lee University
Prof. Enric Bou, Brown University
Prof. Andrew K. Bush, Vassar College
Prof. Daniel Frost, College of the Holy Cross
Prof. Luis Fernández Cifuentes, Harvard University
Prof. Susan L. Fischer, Bucknell University
Prof. Ariadna Garciá Bryce, Reed College
Prof. Elena Gascón-Vera, Wellesley College
Prof. Rita M. Goldberg, St. Lawrence University
Prof. María Paz Haro, Stanford University
Prof. John Hassett, Swathmore College
Prof. Anita Johnson, Colgate University
Prof. Reyes Lázaro, Smith College
Prof. César López, Scripps College
Prof.Francisca López, Bates College
Prof. Angel Loureiro, Princeton University
Prof. James E. Maraniss, Amherst College
Prof. Margarita Navarro (Emerita), Princeton University
Prof. Jorge Olivares, Colby College
Prof. Hilda Otaño-Benítez, Amherst College
Prof. Margarita Pillado-Miller, Grinnell College
Prof. Michael P. Predmore, Stanford University
Prof. Margery Resnick, Mass. Institute of Technology
Prof. Nieves Romero-Diaz, Mount Holyoke College
Prof. Betty Sasaki, Colby College
Prof. Noël M. Valis, Yale University
Prof. Julia L. Wescott, Canisius College