Nitsa Weld

Approximate Calendar

See separate publication for details.

June 18, 2017 (Sunday): Departure from USA

June 19-25 (Mon-Sun): Orientation: Extremadura-Andalucía-Madrid-León.

June 26 (Monday): A.M.: Regular classes. Opening ceremony and lecture.

July (Tuesdays): Afternoon field trips.

(Wednesdays): León visits with art professor.

(Mons & Thurs): Sevillanas and salsa.

(Mons.-Thurs): T.A. sessions, integrated into SIHS classes, and chorus.

(Fridays): Tutorials with professors.

(Weekends): Field trips.

July 08-09 (Sat. & Sun.): Free weekend (Sanfermines in Pamplona)

July 10 (Monday): Mid-term dinner at Valdebimtre caves.

July 11-15 (Tues-Sat): Santiago pilgrimage (Español 331 class)

July 19 (Wednesday.): Final examinations

July 20 (Thursday): Classes; farewell party.

July 21 (Friday): Clausura ceremony

July 22 (Saturday.):León-Madrid-USA flight or individual cultural travel



Students travel on their own to arrive in Spain on or before June 19, or to remain independently after July 22 or after internship ends.